The Origins

The Origins

a daily ritual …


“Qahwah” is an Arabic word which originally meant a beverage made from the juice extracted from the seeds of a wild plant that grew in the areas of ‘Abyssinia, Yemen, Ethiopia.
Local populations obtained after drying the seeds, a powder consumed in different ways during their shifts, since it had the particularity to satisfy their hunger and keep you awake.
Many stories and legends can be told about this drink … for us it has become a daily ritual that from the bar, we brought home.
Coffee can boast of a glorious past, thinking of the historic cafes and all the distinguished personalities who have helped build our history.

Today the best coffees come from the countries of the subtropical zone (between the two tropics). The roaster creates his own blend “valuable” privileging precisely the quality Arabicas they deem essential to get the best espresso.
Italians have made it a source of pride and have been able to create the “Italian espresso” famous all over the world, and still very much envied. As for fashion, cuisine, art, coffee is a product that only Italians know how to turn it so “excellent”.
The most well-known kinds of Coffee, the specific name of the coffee plant, there are two:
Coffea Arabica sweetest, well-known and valuable; Coffea Robusta with a richer content of caffeine as Arabica making it stronger and more robust creamy note.

The coffee processing

After the various processes undergone in the countries of origin, the sacks of green coffee, so named for his particular coloring of raw beans, arrive at the port of destination. Removing samples to be subjected to analysis sanitation and quality by mandating certified laboratories. At accordance with the standards prescribed by current regulations in addition to our business bags are stocked in our warehouses.

By splitting the two major species Arabica, precious, delicate and aromatic from the Rugged stronger with a higher caffeine content compared to ‘Arabian, we proceed to the roasting process.

The phase of the roasting defines accident as the result of the cup of coffee. Through the process of roasting in fact develop the aromas that characterize the final beverage, cooking more or less thrust and sustained results in a change of color of the coffee bean from green to brown. The typical color of roasted coffee used in the blends and Italian is medium dark and is called “monk’s frock.”

The next step is mixing and a well-deserved “rest.” At this point mixtures mokalba are ready to be packed complying with the requirements of the distribution channels from sector to the domestic sector.

Packaging coffee blends, beans 500g or 1000g, vacuum packed ground to pack .500, 250, 125g, ground in a controlled atmosphere for monoporzionato in capsules or pods.

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